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Wise Company assorted freeze dried fruits are a dream come true. Each individual packet of fruit has been designed to mix and match (as desired) with long-term yogurt, pudding, and caramel sauces to boost the overall taste, calorie, and nutritional content. With up to a 20 year shelf life, this package is a Wise recipe for any type of emergency, not to mention great for everyday use.

Servings included in this package

  • Bananas (16 Servings)
  • Peaches (16 Servings)
  • Strawberries (16 Servings)
  • Apples (24 Servings)
  • Creamy Yogurt Style Dessert (16 Servings)
  • Caramel Sauce (16 Servings)
  • Vanilla Pudding (16 Servings)
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKBananas
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKPeaches
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKStrawberries
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKCaramel Sauce
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKVanilla Pudding
  • 120 SERVING FRUIT & SNACKCreamy Yogurt Style Dessert

Wise Company pre-made meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN FLUSHED pouches. These pouches are then sealed in durable, easy to stack plastic containers. This unique packaging process removes oxygen, ensuring great taste and a long shelf life. “Wise” ready-made foods carry a shelf-life of up to 25 years. That’s 25 years without the stress of wondering if you and your family will have good, useable food when you most need it.

The outdoor meals have a 7 year shelf-life. Hence, they can be purchased well in advance of when they are going to be used for camping, backpacking, hunting or every day use. Wise Company freeze dried fruit packs have up to a 20 year shelf life, freeze Dried Meats contain up to a 15 year shelf life and freeze dried vegetable packs encompass up to a 25 year shelf life.

Wise Company gourmet foods are best stored in dry, cool places. Optimal storage locations are basements that are dry and cool, having temperatures around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot, humid locations should be avoided.

Shelf life estimates are based on industry studies from sources deemed reputable. Wise Company has no control over individual storage practices and therefore disclaims liability and warranty. Both time and heat degrade nutrition, color and texture of all foods. Our products are far more durable than most because of our unique freeze dried, dehydration processes. The shelf-life stated on Wise Company products are based on a “will sustain life” when kept cool and dry. This means that although time and heat may degrade the nutrition, color, taste and texture of all foods, our products will still be safe to eat and sustain life through the stated shelf life.

Long term food storage typically requires rotation every few years, but not when you make a “Wise choice.” Wise Company meals can save you thousands of dollars. With Wise, because of its great shelf life, you will throw away less expired food and make fewer new purchases. This will also help you avoid rising food costs due to inflation.

Wise Company takes a unique and innovative approach to food production for camping and long-term emergency preparedness. Our ready-made entrées, meats, vegetables and fruits may be freeze-dried or dehydrated.

The key is the type of food. Some foods are better when freeze dried and others better when dehydrated. Through extensive evaluation, research and testing, we utilize freeze dry or dehydrate products based on what best ensures optimal taste, texture and nutritional value. Expensive ingredients such as fruits and vegetables taste better when freeze dried. Other ingredients like noodles and rice actually taste better when dehydrated. However, both processes promote an extremely long shelf life.

Freeze-Dry and Dehydration Advantages:

  • The food maintains its original flavor, shape, color, and texture
  • It better retains its nutritional value
  • The food is condensed, taking up less space
  • With all of its water extracted it is extremely light weight
  • When water is added, the food completely reconstitutes itself
  • Wise Company customers enjoy greater peace of mind because
    of the food’s long shelf life and great taste

The Freeze-Dry Process

When being freeze dried, a product is first flash frozen and then placed in a vacuum drying chamber. This process removes the majority of the water and moistening without affecting taste, color, form or nutritional value.

The Dehydration Process

When being dehydrated, food is moved through a drying chamber where air removes the moisture from the food. This occurs at low temperatures so that the nutritional profile stays intact.

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